Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hurn Log : 11/5/07.

Forwarded on with credit P.Vine

G-GHPG Ce.550. "LNX.516H". Dept.0916.
EI-DPT B.737. "RYR.994/5".
EC-HRP A.320. "JKK.3165/6".
G-BUUI T.67M. 1033/1414. WW.
G-DOME Pa.28. o/s.1216.
G-BJBX Pa.28. Arr.1218 after local flight.
I-EEZG A.320. "EEZ.1540/1". 1417/1532. Exeter/Naples.
EI-DPO B.737. "RYR.7544/5".
EI-DLW B.737. "RYR.9911/2".
G-BTYK Ce.310. Dept.1758 to Jersey.
HB-VOE Ce.525A. 1635/1820".
N840PN RC.690C. Dept.1825. Arr.yesterday - time not

Unidentified : "Premiair 15" 1203/1307. Prob.AS.355.