Monday, May 14, 2007

Bournemouth 14/5

Forwarded on with permission from P Vine.
TC-APF   B.737. "PGT.451/2".
G-BDVX  BN.2A. Dept.0840.
G-WINA  Ce.560XL. "LNX.3T".CSE.
N700GY  TBM.700. 0932/1115. BHL.
EI-DLV    B.737. "RYR.994/4".
N916SR  Cirrus SR.20. o/s.1041. c/n.1797.
G-CECX  R.44. 1232/1236. BHL.
N7223Y  Be.58.Noted outside ATP.midday.
G--DOME Pa.28.Arr.1310. AVM.
G-BYHI   Pa.28. o/s.1336.
VP-BAT  B.747SP. "WW.1". Dept.1327 to Doha.
G-BHIY   Ce.152. Arr.1517. WW.
G-HELV  Vampire. Arr.1543. MUS.
G-BWXK T.67M "Barkston 10". Arr.1508. To "W" for night-
G-BWXF              -stop. Followed by "CWL.80" at 1545,and "CWL.
 G-BWXT             81" at 1600. These two unidentified,but also for n/s.