Monday, April 30, 2007

Bouremouth 30/4

With Thanks from Peter Vine.

Todays movements.
N7QM Ce.525A. Arr.0758. CSE.N403CM Ce.510. Dept.0955 to Blackpool.G-BAIG Pa.34. Dept.0926.G-BOUM Pa.34. "CSE.24". o/s.0912,EI-CSY B.737. "RYR.994/5".VH-FDB Be.200. Dept.0933 to Athens. c/n.BB1977.XV290 C.130K. "RRR.650". o/s.1002,1013. (N.B.I'm in- -formed by a reliable source that this is correct,and it was not XV202 as reported earlier).G-BFSY Pa.28. Arr.1049. BHL.G-MLFF Pa.27. 1059/1140. PIL.G-CEJB Pa.46. Arr.1155.G-ZUMO PC.12. Local 1158-1330.G-BYXD Grob G.115E. UAU.91". o/s.1216.G-BEAG Pa.34. "CSE.34". o/s.1251.G-BSVG Pa.28. 1316/1405.G-BHFH Pa.34. "CSE.1334,1348..N4178W Pa.32. Arr..1346. ATW.G-BOWE Pa.34. "CSE.18". o/s.1353.G-BJBX Pa.28. ATW/AVM.D-CALM Do.228. "Science 01". Arr.1354. FRA.?????? Grob G.115E. "UAU.92". o/s.1415.G-ISLB JS.32. "BCI.711/2".EI-DAJ B.737. "RYR.7544/5".EI-CSC B.737. "RYR.9911/2".